Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Been Busy

Haven't had a chance to post anything past day or so, university work is getting pretty intense. I am studying Interactivity design and I'm working on a web site for new students to make transitioning into university easier. Hope to finish it, along with the report, in a week or so. I'll try and keep you all updated on my progress.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Happy birthday dad

Now I'm going to set your head on fire!


Watching this episode right now. I want to know what camera they were using for that cctv camera, must be at least 20 megapixel to get that kind of resolution.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Free Macbook Repairs for a small fee

Just out of apple. They repaired my computer for (according to apple) free! Well kind of, I did have to take the apple care out a year ago, so I guess the repair wasn’t free. Anyway. The shift key broke, they replaced the keyboard, but they put in an American keyboard in the computer instead of UK (I don’t know how you Americans use that enter key, was driving me crazy). Got it repaired right this time with a UK keyboard. Glad to have my mac back, for free……. Kind of.

Snack & Drink

Really nutella? .... really?

Friday, 15 October 2010

The xx - Infinity

The Illest read my mind and posted a The XX song just before me, but none the less this is one I really like, hope you all do too


Updated the header for the blog, I wanted to add something without destroying the whole minimalistic look I had going on. Hope people like it.

Dude where's my package!

Time for a rant about Amazon. As a company I really do like Amazon but what I usually find is that people who sell on Amazon give better service than Amazon themselves. I was meant to be receiving my kindle today, after placing my order 3 days ago. I paid extra for the delivery to get it quicker so I could start using it for my studies straight away. I log into my Amazon and it turns out its not even been dispatched! They are estimating that delivery date will be Wednesday. Pay for 2 day delivery and it comes a week later, and I bet they won't refund the charge unless a complaint is made.

Anyone else been stung by Amazon?


Cool Feet

Got some Cool Feet the other day. My MacBook was unfortunate to lose one of its rubber feet. I went to apple to see about getting a new one stuck on but it turns out that apple don't keep spare feet for the previous generation MacBooks (Retarded, I know). 

So I went on a hunt and found these. They come in a pack of 4 (2 tall, like in the picture. 2 short). I was very reluctant to buy, but it turns out they are actually really good. They just use a sucker to stay on the bottom of the laptop, so you can remove them when your transporting your laptop (they even give you a little pouch for your cool feet) and they really do keep the heat down in your laptop. They also come in handy as a spacer between a hot laptop and your legs, if you use your laptop like that.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lemaitre - Nishio

Just thought I post the full song that's in the last video, pretty good if you ask me.

Awesome Editing

A mw2 video I came across, like it not really for the game play but just for the editing. I really like the style of the whole thing, from the colour filters used to the way the text comes up at the beginning. That song is awesome too!

First Post

Welcome to the blog. I'm going to share random things I like on the internet, comics, articles, tech stuff really anything I think is worth sharing.